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Since I’ve been retired, I have watched a lot of TV shows on Netflix. One of my all-time favorites is the show Lost. There are many other TV shows that I have watched on Netflix, and maybe I’ll post them on my blog in the future. I never know from day-to-day where this blog is going.


Life is laid bare as a group of plane crash survivors find themselves stranded on a remote Pacific island. The trauma of the crash soon becomes overshadowed by the island itself, where unseen creatures stalk the jungle, paranormal happenings abound, and astonishing coincidences reveal themselves. In this unique environment, emotions swell as the survivors battle their inner and outer demons, and strive to live together – so that they won’t die alone. Written by Tobias Stapleford

Credit from IMDb http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0411008/

There are about 120 episodes of lost, I watched episode #99 last night, and I’m still not sure what is going on. I know that I have to keep watching because nearly every episode ends in a cliffhanger. I want to know what is going on, who is in charge?, and what are the secrets of the Island?

 I rate this TV show as five stars.


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