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Simple Definition of natural

I love the natural beauty of the planet Earth. It’s diverse scenery and creativity. Nature can be part of your personality. ie. It’s not in his nature to commit murder it’s not natural.

Nature, existing in nature and not made or caused by people
coming from life
not having any extra substances or chemicals added
not containing anything artificial
usual or expected

My Thoughts About Beauty and Nature

  • Natural is the beauty of the great outdoors that is southern Utah.
  • The greatness of the mountains in Zions National Park and
  • the desolation of the endless deserts of Nevada.
  • The grandeur of the Grand Canyon with its twists and turns; 
  • The beauty of the southern California coastline and the color of the waters and vastness of the Pacific Ocean.
  • The massiveness of the Sequoia trees that have survived for millennia;
  • The majesty of the Rocky Mountains with their snow-covered peaks;
  • The mystery of the creation of the planet Earth with all its wonders.
  • Nature is the most natural thing in existence.
  • When I think of the nature of life, I am grateful to be part of it.

The master creates many things of beauty. Some would say Mother Nature, but I would call the creator God. All you have to do yes open your mind and look around you, and you can see that the physical world is not just luck. There are rhyme and reason for everything on this earth. One physical creation or body depends on another physical nature or shape to exist.

Reason for Existence

Sometimes I wonder what the purpose of some of the insects is. For example, the cockroach, what purpose does the cockroach serve? If nothing else, the cockroach exists to annoy the modern man. I believe that at some level, the cockroach has a job to do that only the cockroach can accomplish.

Annoyance or Purpose

As for other irritants, microbes germs viruses bacteria; all these things have a purpose, and without them, the higher life forms would not be able to exist. I am not well versed in the reason for the existence of everything on this earth, but I do realize that everything has a place and a job to do.

Nature or natural is a state of being governed by physical laws which are, in turn, administered by the creator or God.

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