TV Series 24

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TV Series 24

I just recently started to re-watch the TV series 24 staring Keefer Sutherland. When the show was on network TV I didn’t find the title interesting. Over time I saw a few episodes on TV and found the story to be very interesting. Many years later the series was on Netflix and I started to watch it again and just as I was getting involved in the series it was cancelled.

As I stated in another post I recently subscribed to Amazon Prime TV. The other day I ran across the TV series 24 so I started watching again. The show is amazing and I find it very interesting. The show is basically about Jack Bower and his family. In my opinion the entire Bower family has a hard time coloring inside the lines. Jack breaks rules and encourages his co-workers to do the same.

The results he gets are frequently good.  The wife is the same in that she supports Jack implicitly. Jack and his wife have recently renewed their relationship and are trying to work out their differences. Another series I reviewed is The Crown read my post.


24 TV SEriesIn this concept drama, each season takes place within one 24-hour period. Day 1: Jack Bauer is the head of field ops for an elite team of CTU agents who uncover an assassination plot targeting Presidential nominee David Palmer. Meanwhile, Jack’s strained marriage to his wife, Teri, is pushed to the brink by the sudden disappearance of their troubled teenage daughter. What will the next 24 hours hold?

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Margret · August 4, 2016 at 4:27 PM

this is one of my favorite show, same as Monk

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