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San Francisco

I ‘ve been going to write about my February vacation for a long time. I’ll post more about my vacation later.

The idea of taking a holiday occurred to me in December 2017. I decided I would treat myself to a recess for the first time in 20 years as a Christmas present to myself.

I started looking on the internet for vacations and travel agencies. One of the local radio stations repeatedly advertised a travel agency. I looked up the agency on the internet and browsed through the pre-planned holiday packages. There were some great vacation ideas, but none that interested me. Many of the plans were too expensive, so I decided to plan my holiday using their online tools.

I decided to go to San Francisco for my holiday. Using the tools provided by the travel agencies website, I built an itinerary for my vacation. First, I picked the airline and my departure time. I wanted to have as much time as possible in San Francisco. I chose to arrive early in the day with plenty of time to get to my hotel room and still have daylight so I could do some exploring on my first day.

There were several hotels offered, and I chose the hotel that was closest to mass transit. After making all of the choices available to me, I accepted the itinerary and booked my vacation. I picked the perfect time of year. No fog and sunny warm days.

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