Political Madness

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Political Madness

In my opinion, many of the people in the US have gone mad. Political parties on both sides of the aisle have gone off the rails. The headline news is full of dishonesty and corruption. How do I determine what the truth is? How do I find the real story?

I trusted the news I saw on television or listened to on the radio in the past. The story I see and hear now, coming out of Washington, reminds me of grand theatre. I see our political leaders performing for the camera and not accomplishing anything. Will it ever end? When will our government officials and leaders return to the business of governing our country without prejudice?

News broadcasts continually report inaccurate and misleading stories. Retractions are commonplace.

President Trump is cleaning up the corruption in Washington DC and around the world. Yet at the same time, we see increased violence and death in our country. The wealthy elite is losing its power. The rich and powerful are creating violence to distract the people from the truth. Death and violence is the goal.

The death and disease happening in California are one of their goals. Part of the plan to depopulate the earth. As the cost of living continues to rise, more people will become homeless.

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