Kitty Kitty

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Here, Kitty – I have had my cat Star for 12 or more years. Star and I have gotten to know each other very well. As is usually the case, when I start to use my computer, she is very interested in what I’m doing. She even likes to help me type. We have our daily routine. I’ve written about our daily routine in a previous post.

I bought a laser light for my cat Star, the kind that makes a small red dot. I have gotten other cat toys, but she ignores them. She loves to chase the red dot around the room. Star loves the dot so much she has a smart way of asking me to play. Kitty hides along the side of my sofa and stares at me. If I don’t respond, she arches her back and fluffs her tail and runs to the other side of the room and back. How can I resist an invitation like that? So we play for a while.

My cats’ favorite pastime is taking cat naps. My cat star has many favorite places to sleep. I can tell what mood Star is in by where she naps. I used to think she wasn’t far from me when I am home. But now I realize she is usually sleeping on a chair in the bedroom. Here, Kitty, time for treats.

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