Continued Server Troubles

Published by Scott on

Once again I’m having trouble with my GoDaddy name-servers. Yesterday for most of the day, my website was offline. Both of my domain names went offline. I tried to correct the name-server error. I set the name-servers to default, but that did not fix the problem; instead, it looked like it made things worse. After the adjustment, my website only brought up the directory structure of my website.

Eventually, I decided to call GoDaddy for assistance. After explaining the problems to the technician, the GoDaddy people discovered the problem, once again it was caused by a misbehaving plugin. They corrected the problem, and my website worked fine from that point on. The site looks good today.

I was informed that GoDaddy was aware of the name-server problem and are working on fixing it. The name-server error has been going on for over three weeks, I’ll be glad when it is resolved.

For the most part, the nameserver error has been fixed. It did happen again last week. I fixed the name-server error. I started documenting the changes to the name-server.

My website went offline again today. It was down for about an hour. The domain server names changed from and to and

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