Classic Editor

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Classic Editor

This post was written using the classic editor. If it works correctly I should be able to insert a picture on the right side of a block.  Things look good in the preview.

This almost works the way I want it to, there are still some problems I have to work around.

This is just subtext that I am writing to take up some space on this blog page. Like I said before I have quit trying to use the test he SEO  optimization program. It was way too difficult to use and I rarely got anything totally correct. It would take me an entire day to write one simple post. I was getting discouraged about updating all of my old post so that they work better with my current theme. So for now I’m just kind of playing around to see how things work period

I’m using the block editor now because it has features that I like. But the original editor gives me a little bit more control over my media. I like to have pictures online with my paragraph so that the text wraps around. The block editor has a classic feature but it does not work the same as the original classic editor worked before. That should be enough for now maybe I will come back tomorrow and try again.

Well done.

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