Gun Violence

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Things are heating up in the USA. So much GUN violence. Crazy people are killing innocent people for no reason using GUNS. I don’t understand the world I’m living in these days. Do I dare use the words “false flags”? What is the deep state hiding this time? Every time essential information is released, an event is created. Mass shooting or a fire or another catastrophe happens to divert the peoples’ attention away from the important news.

El Paso, Texas – Gun Violence

What makes a 21-year-old man decided to kill and maim dozens of people in a Walmart? Is gun violence designed by the cabal to restart the conversation about gun control?

There is a pressing desire on the left to remove guns from the general public. Outlawing guns is the first step in controlling the general public.

The situation that happened at the Walmart in El Paso, Texas was tragic and disgusting. But we should expect a surge in this kind of gun violence to escalate as the nation approaches the 2020 election. Many more innocent people will die.


There is desperation on the left. They are losing their control as President Trump cleans up the corruption in the United States government. Many politicians have their hand in the cookie jar and do not want to lose their control.

Corruption in the highest levels of government isn’t new. Corruption has been growing in government for many decades under many presidents. Even some presidents are part of the disease of corruption.

Gun violence will continue, mass shootings will continue, and the war between good and evil will continue until the battle is won by the good.

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