My Hobby

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My Hobby

This website is my Hobby and has been occupying my time for the last few weeks. I keep busy organizing and uploading information. I like to experiment with different themes and layouts trying to decide which I like the best.


I’m still not too good at creating content but I try from time to time. Creating content is getting easier, but creating good content is what I’m striving for now. Part of My Hobby is to report about events that I have experienced. Hopefully, my page about San Francisco includes good content. A post or two a week/month is what I hope to do. I especially like to include visual content, one of the things that make my site more interesting.

At the risk of repeating myself, I am going to add some more words to my post about my hobby. I’m not 100% sure that blogging can be considered a hobby. I’ve always thought that hobbies were things like woodworking, stamp collecting, coin collecting, and even golfing.


To make this post meet all the SEO optimization rules I must Add 150 more words. That sounds like a lot but in reality, it’s not very much at all. Adding a couple of more paragraphs to my post is easy enough to do. But by repeating myself I wonder if doing something that uses up a lot of time during the day and keeps me occupied doing things I like to do as a hobby.

One thing I have noticed since I started using SEO optimization my blog has become more like a game. I write my posts now hoping that what I write will meet all the Yoast SEO optimization rules.

I have noticed that these last 3 paragraphs have easily added 175 words to my post. Which means that I can close this post and publish it to my website

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