Passive Voice

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My goal is to learn how to use active voice instead of passive voice. A post I wrote today took me longer to change from passive to active voice than it did to write the blog post in the 1st place. I don’t know how to practice using active voice. I think I’m doing pretty good when I try and tell people what’s going on or what I like. Maybe that’s why it’s difficult for people to understand me. I will run this through SEO software to see how well this paragraph rates.

Using active voice is difficult for me. Writing the way I talk And I talking the way I think. Apparently, I have been doing everything backward for the better part of my life. I’m trying to add more words to this post So I can get it to pass all of the Yoast SEO tests and get a green light.

I always thought of myself as a logical thinker. Maybe Expressing myself logically may not be the best way to express me when speaking. I will be doing more study on how to write with active voice very shortly. Yoast SEO has some excellent articles on how to write in active voice. There are also some classes that I can take to learn how to write better except they are quite expensive and something I cannot afford.

After trying to work with Yoast SEO, I decided to remove the plugin from my blog. Too many problems arising causing my editor page not to display correctly. As no people are looking at my blog, I am going to quit trying to get my site found by search engines.

Well, it’s time for me to go to sleep, so I guess I’m going to say goodbye for the night.

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