So much trouble

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So much trouble in the world today

So much trouble these days. I’m talking about my WordPress website. A continuation of problems with Godaddy, my hosting company. Yesterday things were messed up. Another nameserver change initiated the mess I created. It seems like when things are going well, Godaddy assigns my domain names to a different server.

So much troubleGodaddy service fixed the problem. However, it took 24 hours for things to propagate throughout the internet. My website was not functioning most of the night.

There have been so many troubles I may be moving my domain and hosting accounts to another provider. My concern is choosing the proper hosting provider.

Political Troubles

Not watching much news these days, but enough to know thing are getting much worse in DC. Impeachment is the only thing that is the top priority with the democrats.

Members of the “Squad” are behind the impeachment movement. The democrats are changing the rules to make impeachment less difficult. Doing that is an indication that they are desperate. Everything that has tried has failed.

Sometimes, I have a difficult time with what is said. How can the democrats believe what they are saying is true? What the say sounds hollow even as they say the words. The hunger for power is consuming there thoughts.


Who is the democrat nomination going to be? Bernie, Biden, Warren, or Harris? So much bluster comes out of their mouths. I can”t buy what they say. Time is moving on. So much trouble in politics today.

This story is my opinion, not to be considered news.

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