Transition Words

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First of all, I need a lot of practice creating and writing posts for my blog. Therefore I am taking a course to learn how to use transition words. As a result, I will save time when writing posts.

I am looking for software that automatically corrects my mistakes. I found Grammarly. Creating posts that please Yoast CEO is difficult. Passing one requirement sometimes causes another test to fail.

Active voice and transition words are the most difficult for me to understand. Transitioning from one sentence to the next should be easy. Yet I find it very difficult.

I was having so much trouble trying to correct my writing skills so that they would pass SEO inspection that I thought about not using Yoast SEO at all. I went so far as to deactivate the plugin and delete it from my system.

After thinking about using SEO software for a couple of hours, I decided to give it another try, so I reinstalled the plugin. While I was doing a search for the plugin I discovered that it had been updated just 2 hours before I reinstalled. I thought about upgrading my plugin to the paid-for version but decided to update Grammarly instead.

I learned that the paid-for version of Grammarly helped me Correct my passive voice problem. I still have a hard time meeting the 300 word minimum, but I do the best that I can. Learning to understand all of the rules of the SEO plugin it’s going to take me some time, but I will keep practicing.

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