1397 Glennrose Drive1397 Glenn Rose Drive

I liked living at this address, some of my life’s fondest memories are from this time. I had good friends, I wasn’t emotionally crippled, and it’s the first place I remember living. I know my parents lived in another place but I don’t remember it. Clark Yospe and Steven Ruff were my two best friends. Clark lived about five houses south of my house and Steven lived about five houses north. I’m not sure what the correct spelling of Steven’s last name so I’ll go with Ruff.

Below is a picture of our house and our neighbor’s house. We lived in the house on the right, the house was yellow in those days. The neighborhood looks pretty run down these days. The neighbors were Warren & Jane Childs. I mention this because we were in a severe accident one winter while going up Big Cottonwood canyon to see the ice icicles.

1397 Glennrose Drive

1275 Ashton Avenue – 1958 to 1968

In 1958 my mom married Fred Palfreyman, and we moved to his house in the Sugarhouse district of Salt Lake City. The house no longer exists and I don’t have many pictures. The Sugarhouse shopping area was expanded, and to make room for the Shopko parking lot the house was torn down. To accommodate the retail expansion the entire neighborhood was torn down in the name of capitalism; which was a good thing, the neighborhood was getting run down.

Some of my friends were Donald Hyland, Ted Jenson, John Oldham, and Craig Hatch. We all went to the same schools and sometimes hung out together.


I found some pictures on the internet that represent the schools I attended during the 1960’s. The one of Irving Junior High is an artist’s rendition. An apartment community replaced the school. The apartments front wall is the original wall of Irving Junior High school.

My Life in the 60’s