My Life In The 60’s

This is where it gets difficult

My Life In The ’60s. I know I moved out of the Ashton Avenue house in May of 1968, and I moved into the boarding house on 200 South. I was working at Mr. “S” restaurant, and the manager helped me move my belongings. See the “A Short Story” post in my blog.

240 Spencer Court

Life in the 60s - 240 Spencer Court

At some point in my late teens, I lived at Spencer Court for a short while. At present, I’m not sure exactly when it was. I shared this apartment with several other people. I don’t even remember their names.

The apartment I lived in was on the left side of this building. I remember I lived in the basement for a short while, then I moved upstairs to the back bedroom. There were three bedrooms on the main floor, one of which didn’t have any windows. There was a cutout space in the wall for light between the middle bedroom and the back bedroom.

882 Second Avenue

(Just an estimate of an apartment I shared with Paul Wiersma.) I can’t get a good picture from Google Maps too many tree branches in the way. This was one of those places I didn’t stay very long. If I remember there was one year that I lived in 12 or 13 different locations. I think I was staying with people because I didn’t have a job.

3460 South 300 East

Life in the 60's  3460 South 300 East

Another apartment I didn’t live in very long. I moved to this apartment from 882 2nd Avenue with Paul Wiersma and Richard. I don’t remember Richard’s last name, he was kind of strange. We lived in a two-bedroom apartment on the ground floor, the first one in the building on the right of the photograph. As I remember, I was working for Harmon’s Cafe. I transferred to the 3900 South store from the Sugarhouse store.

205 Second Avenue

My Life In The 60's 205 Second Avenue

I found another place I lived for a short while. I remember I was evicted from this place because the landlady didn’t like me or my friends. In today’s world, I would have been able to sue for damages or unlawful eviction. I was a very nice older apartment solidly built.

I remember that my mother came to visit me here one time. She was working at the Church Office Building at the time, in fact, she always worked at the Church Office Building.

A very short synopsis of My Life In The ’60s.

Sometime In The ’70s