Irving Heights Apartments – 1963 South 1200 East – 1988 to 1995

This entry is a cross over from the 80’s to the 90’s entry.

I moved to this apartment house in 1988 or 1989 (I think). This apartment was one of the best places I lived. I lived alone and made many friends among the residents. The picture isn’t very good, I took it from inside my car.

I lived here about 7 years. During my stay here I worked for the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control as a technical specialist. I fixed computers and helped design the POS system.

I was made assistant manager of the apartment building and worked part-time painting apartments and getting them ready for new occupants. I moved out in 1996 to go to California.

Laguna Niguel California 1995 to 1996

From my apartment in Sugarhouse I moved to California. My first move out-of-state. An adventure to be sure. I quit my job with the State of Utah, packed my bags and moved to California. (Not my wisest choice). I stayed with my friends Rick Burke and Larry Blunk for a few weeks while I looked for a place to live. The apartment was in Laguna Nigel on El Pillar (I don’t remember the number). I had a difficult time finding work but eventually got a job at a video store, then a liquor store.

Saint George Utah 1997 to 1998

From California I moved to Saint George, Utah. I stayed with my brother Greg and his wife Nancy for about a year. The house was full, Tami and Josh were living there too.  I wasn’t used to living with so many people.

While I lived with Greg I got my job At Anderson Lumber. I was gainfully employed and started saving money so I could get my own apartment.

2000 to Present