A few days ago, I wrote a post about my insect invasion (ants). The ant invasion was very inconvenient. The ants got into most of the food in my cupboard.


More Ants

A Mistake Yesterday, I wrote a comment on my post titled ants. In that comment, I explained that the ant problem was going away. I was seeing fewer and fewer ants in my kitchen area. That statement was incorrect. Another ant path Late last night, I discovered that the ants Read more…



Ants and the New Year I thought I would write a short message to my subscribers to welcome you to this New Year, this new Decade, 2020.  For me the year started with an ant invasion. I have nothing against ants other than they should stay outside. But they have Read more…

Days go by so fast

Days go by so fast Have you ever noticed how the days go by so fast? The older I get, the quicker the time goes by. When you are young, preteen or teenager days are long, and weeks are longer. As a baby or a newborn, a day equals a Read more…

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Articles of Impeachment

I missed out on my opportunity this morning to write a post, so I am writing it this afternoon. Where should I start? Unfortunately, I am confused by everything happening in Washington about President Trump and the impeachment.

Christmas Holiday

Christmas holiday Christmas time is once again upon us. Thanksgiving was just a few days ago maybe a week, and here we are looking forward to the Christmas season. I have never admitted that I enjoy the holiday season. In fact, this time of year is depressing to me. A Read more…

Where to Next?

Getting Started I’ve been going to write this post for two weeks now. I have all the tools purchased and lined up to correct my writing errors. I’m not sure what I will write about in this post. I think I will just make it up as I go along. Read more…


Website Re-build

Website Re-build Starting my website re-build. I have been working very hard today. Deciding the other day, I would rebuild my website from the ground up. After several hours of looking around for an easy way to do what I wanted to do, I decided that I had to do Read more…