What an adventure I’ve had. Working with trying to get my website back on line. This evening I finally worked with someone that actually knew what he was doing. The site is back up and I can write posts again. Funny thing is, I was going to close the Read more…


Things haven’t been working well with my domain name. NEWMAN50.COM isn’t resolving properly on the internet. Sometimes the name works and then it doesn’t work. The DNS is taking a long time to resolve itself. I’ll give it a couple more days before I get seriously angry. I was on Read more…

Sunday Freedom

I’m using this time on Sunday to relax and possibly accomplish some simple task. Nothing too exciting these days. I will continue to fiddle around with this web site. Too bad I have no followers.

Open one more month

I decided to keep the site open for one more month. Maintaining my site helps me keep my mind active. I don’t know if I’ll start any political posts though, you never know when your words will get you in trouble.

What a ride!

I was dissatisfied with the hosting WordPress offered even though it was not too expensive. But after using WordPress hosting several of the features I needed, or wanted, were not available unless I upgraded to premium or business hosting. I looked around and decided to host my website on GoDaddy. The Read more…