Ronald McDonald

I can’t decide if I want to continue to work. I took official retirement in 2012. That worked well for me for a few years then I started to get bored with not having anything to do. After a while I got a job at McDonald’s. Working at McDonald’s is a tough job, the work is very demanding, customers are very demanding, and the company is very demanding.

I’ve worked at McDonald’s for just under three years and have reached a point where I don’t want to work anymore. It gets more difficult to go into work every shift. Last week I called in sick on Tuesday and on Wednesday I texted my boss indicating I wouldn’t be in for the rest of the week. I need to mention I have submitted my notice to quit on three previous occasions. Each time management has talked me into not quitting so I stayed on.

Today is Sunday and I have one more day off before I am scheduled to work again. After having a week off going back to work is not something I am looking forward to. There is one problem, I like the money I earn at McDonald’s. My question to you and the universe is; should I go back to work or should I quit?

Writing Skills

My blogging skills are negligible at best but I continue to try to write posts that some may find interesting. One of the rules about blogging is to write about things you know, so I started to write posts about my favorite childhood movies and more recent television shows that I have watched. I’m just getting started so there’s not much posted yet. Movie posts can be found under the tag Movies. Television posts can be found under the tag TV Shows or TV. There are also some Political News posts. I frequently use information from other websites, when I do I link back to the page where I found the information.

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