Mysterious Island
Movie Night

Mysterious Island is another movie I was able to watch for free at the Southeast Theater in Sugarhouse UT.  The original story was written by Jules Verne in 1874. At some point I read the novel, but that was long after I had seen the movie. As with most movies taken from novels, the novel was a better story. In the novel my imagination and Verne’s descriptive writing created far more interesting creatures than was provided in the movie. None the less I loved the movie.

One day they find two castaways on the beach: the aristocratic Lady Mary Fairchild and her sexy niece Elena. Later they find a trunk with weapons and a sextant and then they find the hut and journal of a man once marooned on the island by pirates.

When pirates later return to the island, the castaways are surprised to be helped by Captain Nemo of the legendary submarine Nautilus. (Nemo — notorious for his war against slavery — was supposedly sunk and gone missing eight years earlier.)

Finally, when a volcano threatens to obliterate their island, all must plan an escape.

Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Back when video tapes came onto the scene I remember renting the movie and watching it again. I think the movies that were taken from Jules Vern’s books are some of the most creative movies I’ve seen. For their time. Mysterious Island is one of my Favorite Movies.


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