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As a teenager, while living in the Sugarhouse area, I viewed Journey to the Center of the Earth. I loved the movie. This movie established my love for science fiction movies. The dramatic opening sequence captured my attention almost from the first frame. The movies music score, composed by Bernard Herrmann, captured my imagination and added to the thrill and magic of the moment.

Journey to the Center of the Earth

The storyline is about the discovery of an object with instructions on how to get to the center of the earth. Sir Oliver S. Lindenbrook undertook that journey.

Carla Goteborg provided the equipment for the journey. Carla’s deceased husband purchased all the essential equipment. Without the climbing equipment, the Lindenbrook expedition would not have begun. Also, the success of the journey, in part, was because Hans Bjelke, his strength and intuition helped save the excursion from failure.



The villain of the story is Count Saknussemm. Arnie Saknussemm, the counts’ ancestor, discovered the entrance to the center of the earth. The count believes that the domain at the center of the earth is his family’s personal property.

The music composer is Bernard Herrmann; his music has a very distinctive quality. I easily recognize his music in other movies and TV shows. The music for this movie is theatrical.


Edinburgh university professor Sir Oliver Lindenbrook believes he has found an very old message from a long lost scientist who may have found the way to journey to the center of the Earth. With his assistant, student Alec McKuen, he sets off for Iceland where an entrance in a volcanic range is to be found. They are soon joined by Carla Goetabaug, whose scientist-husband was recently murdered, and Icelander Hans Belker as they descend into the bowels of the Earth. There they will find fantastic creatures, exotic plants, the lost city of Atlantis and a foe who wants to keep knowledge of this underworld to himself.


I give Journey to the center of the Earth 5 stars. Thoroughly entertained.

Originally published March 7, 2016


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