Server failure

It happened again – internal server error. My site won’t load when I use I may have figured out what the problem is. Godaddy keeps changing the server my domain name uses. When it breaks, my website won’t load. I have to adjust the name server in my DNS record and wait for it to propagate throughout the Internet before I can use my domain name again.

Changing my domain name servers is not a problem. The problem is that it takes an hour or 2 for the changes to propagate throughout the Internet. During that period, I cannot edit my website or create posts or pages. Writing my website is my hobby, and I enjoy passing the time with my hobby.


The GoDaddy hosting has not affected my website for several weeks now, so I do not have to search for another hosting company. There are other hosting companies I could use for less money. But I don’t know if they will also host my domain names on their servers. I want to keep my hosting and my domain names in the same company or environment.

GoDaddy has provided me with great service for many years. I love the features included with the hosting plan that help me manage my website more professionally. The only problem I have with the GoDaddy services is the expense. In the past, I had hosting plans that cost less and provided more. But by changing the program I am using, those plans are no longer available to me or anyone else.

When I first started using GoDaddy as my hosting company, they were beginning as an Internet hosting service and a net domain name services company. They enticed many deals so customers would use their services. I think that will be all for this post now I have to edit and optimize for the internet.


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