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Recently, I have spent several days working on different projects on my computer. I have been correcting files making them more readable. I am trying to learn the fastest and easiest way to write, correct, and publish posts. All the paragraphs are my opinion not meant to be the fact.

Some things that cause me distress is the amount of hatred and disrespect I see on the news. I recently saw a video on Fox News that showed several young people beating up, stomping on, kicking, and jumping on a person who was lying on the ground. What also disturbed me is me not seeing any police trying to intervene and correct the situation.

Ilhan Omar

in My Opinion

Ilhan Omar Opinion
Ilhan Omar

The scene expressed in the previous paragraph took place in a district in Minnesota where Ilhan Omar is the representative. She should concern herself about essential things that are going on in her community. She should correct the problem. Ilhan Omar is promoting Islam and hatred in the United States. She is in the House of Representatives to get a foothold in the government and change it from republic and Christian to communism and Islam.

Opinion about the Washington DC-Circus

I am disturbed by the circus that is going on in Washington, DC. I watch news reports of the hearing going on in the judicial committee. The only aim of those hearings is trying to depose President Trump. The Democrats in Congress have no other aim than to remove President Donald Trump.

Grave Danger

The world is in grave danger from those in control. Their goal is to remove the population of the United States. Turn it into a slave nation that provides for their continued wealth and power. I have been watching other news articles on YouTube. They report the different things that are going on in the background.

2020 Election

The 2020 election will determine which way the United States proceeds. The Democratic Party leads to slavery and poverty; the Republican party leads to freedom and success. That is my opinion time will tell. We will know in a few more months. I hope President Trump wins the 2020 election. There are many living in significant urban areas of the United States that prefer socialism and communism.


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