Politics-2-a post about politics

I decided the other day that I would write a post about politics. I’ve been thinking about writing my post for two days, but I have had no thoughts on politics.

I’ve stopped watching the news channels because they just keep repeating the same points. Sometimes during Fox News shows they will repeat the same story 2 or 3 times during the hour. I can only guess they do that because there is nothing else going on that they want to report.

Another thing, I’m tired of hearing them say that the IG report and 302 reports are coming out within the next couple of weeks. They’ve been saying the same thing for about 2 years. It’s like a bait and switch news reporting; they promise stories that they can’t provide. The government doesn’t give access to the information that we the people want to hear about.

After reviewing this article, cable news a post about politics, I decided I should include an example if I can find one. I found a news clip by Trey Gowdy but I can’t get it to load. I’ll try again later.

The DOJ IG Report

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Recently, there has been a lot of news on cable networks about politics. The impeachment of president trump has been major viewing for about 3 months now. Listening to Nancy polo see she let it slip that the impeachment inquiry had been going on since we elected president trump.

I am understanding why the political club dislikes president trump as much as they do. He is an outsider; he does not worship at the same alter the rest of them do. It is not a politician. He is a businessman. He is doing things to remove political corruption from Washington DC.

Today is Christmas Day, and the best present that our government could give us is honesty and truth.


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