Sleepless in Saint George, it’s another one of those nights where I can’t get any sleep. I’ve been lying in bed for about 3 hours unable to fall asleep. Thinking I should try Green tea again to see if that will help; I think it will. I really hate these sleepless nights because the next day I have no energy and I can get nothing done.

I’m using the dictate function to write this post. Previously Microsoft had a program they called speech recognition, it worked but not as effectively as this dictate program works.

Well, I now have my tea, I will drink it, I hope it will help me fall asleep because 3:00 o’clock in the morning is not a good time to be awake.

Maybe tomorrow I will write about politics. I’ve been thinking about writing a post about politics for a while now, but I’m not sure how to organize my thoughts to make things interesting and accurate.

From time to time, I have trouble falling asleep at night. Some nights I just lay there it’s now about 4:00 o’clock in the morning so I just get up and start watching TV for the day. Other nights I have my tea as I stated before, and I listen to a recording on my computer and fall asleep right away. There’s not a lot that I can tell you about not getting sleep that you probably don’t already know. But for me not getting sleep is just about the worst thing I can do. Lack of sleep causes me to experience angina pectoris.

So, for now, I think I will let this help me fall asleep; listening to Sam Spade. Hopefully, I won’t be Sleepless in Saint George again tonight. Being awake all night is no fun. I prefer to sleep all night, but sometimes sleep is impossible.


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