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I have wanted to write a post about my thoughts on politics and alternate news providers, most of which I find on YouTube. SerialBrain2 writes, And We Know. I discovered the And We Know by accident. I was watching some other channel on YouTube, and there was a reference to the And We Know Channel. 


I found the Qanon discussions by accident. I found those new posts and Q drops on the Internet. The Q drops were impressive by themselves, but most of the time, I didn’t have any clue what they meant. One day while I was scanning through YouTube, I ran across a video that had Q in the title. X22 report produced that video. From my interest in the ‘X22 report’, I became acquainted with other alternate news broadcasts on YouTube. I reviewed and followed those broadcasts. I discovered that they provided a different slant to what was going on in politics.

Elections and Thoughts on Politics

I learned how important the next election in 2020 will be to the survival of the United States of America. There is more going on in politics than meets the eye. They elected President Trump to be our president. The choice that they gave us, the people of the United States of America, was Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump. I was never a big fan of Donald J. Trump. I was not sure if Mr. Trump was the correct candidate to represent the Republican Party. Hillary Clinton would be the absolute worst choice to be president. It would be the worst thing to happen to the United States of America this century.

The choice in the 2020 election is not merely the choice between Democratic or Republican control, but is the choice between good and evil. I would prefer that the people of the United States choose right and forgo evil.

Most of the people in the Democratic Party in Congress have ruled our nation under socialism and communism. As a social structure, communism is not a very good choice.

And We Know – Thoughts on Politics

Now getting back to And We Know and My Thoughts on Politics, I think it is an excellent program for people to watch are of a religious or spiritual nature. SerialBrain2 is the author of the Q post decodes. SerialBrain2 provides interesting conclusions. I have never tested his theory or decodes to see if they are accurate; I guess that they are. Watch some videos on ‘And We Know’ and decide about the validity of SerialBrain2.


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