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Grey's Anatomy

I’ve been thinking about writing this post about Grey’s Anatomy, a dramatic television series that started March 27, 2005, for a while. I do know one thing I didn’t watch the series when It was on broadcast television. At that time shows like Grey’s Anatomy were the furthest thing from my mind.

I started watching the series on Netflix about three months ago. I attempt to watch it every day, but sometimes I find the storyline appalling and the intermingling of love lives more than I can stomach. Grey’s anatomy is not a series I would typically want to watch. But I got hooked.

First Season

The first season was exciting because you got to know the characters and their personalities. Some of the characters are easy to get along with easy to understand and like. Others are very disagreeable, the kind of character that you hope will get written out of the show quickly. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for me. The characters that I like die or get fired, the ones I dislike get promoted. The personalities of the main characters are diverse, and over time the plots and subplots become engaging.


Some of the circumstances presented at the hospital come across to me as contrived. The entire plot of one season was not believable. Not realistic or plausible to me. As with most TV shows, the engaging characters get killed off too soon. But by eliminating characters and actors lets them bring in new people that are more interesting than the ones that they replaced.

My Storyline – Grey’s Anatomy

The straightforward storyline is Meredith Grey is the daughter of one of Seattle Grace Hospital’s most famous doctors Dr. Ellis Grey. Grey’s Anatomy is one of those TV series that you keep watching because you need to know what happens next. I will include a storyline synopsis from IMDB or Wikipedia to further enlightened my readers on Grey’s Anatomy.


A medical based drama centered around Meredith Grey, an aspiring surgeon and daughter of one of the best surgeons, Dr. Ellis Grey. Throughout the series, Meredith goes through professional and personal challenges along with fellow surgeons at Seattle Grace Hospital.
The doctors of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital deal with life-or-death consequences on a daily basis — it’s in one another that they find comfort, friendship and, at times, more than friendship. Together they’re discovering that neither medicine nor relationships can be defined in black and white. Real life only comes in shades of grey.



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