Life Event


A major life event occurred this week. On Monday, October 14th, I suffered a severe heart attack. Not my first. This heart attack was different because it started differently than my previous encounters with angina. My day began, as usual. I got up early and began to drink my coffee, and as usual, I fell asleep again watching television.

Around 10:00, I woke up, and I got a diet soda watched some TV. Suddenly, angina hit full force. In previous encounters with angina, the pain would sneak up on me gradually, finally working into an event I recognized. As usual, I took a nitroglycerin tablet. After waiting for 5 minutes, I realized that nitroglycerin had done nothing to relieve the pain. I took another nitroglycerin tablet and waited the required 5 minutes, and again, it reduced the angina pain.

Medical Assistance

I have had several minor life events over the years since my initial heart attack, resolving most of them without medical intervention. Instead of seeking medical help for this episode of angina, I waited and see if it would go away on its own. I again took nitroglycerin tablets, but instead of one, I took three. Taking three nitroglycerin tablets did nothing to relieve the angina pain. It reduced the severity of anxiety for a while. I decided I would seek help by 2:00 PM, but that didn’t happen. I waited until around 6:00 PM before I called someone to come and take me to the emergency room.

Emergency Room

Emergency Room

While in the emergency room, they gave me more nitroglycerin, which seemed to help. They drew my blood to determine what was going on with me internally. The blood test results showed that I was suffering a heart attack, part of my current life event. I was admitted to the hospital and taken to the ICU for treatment. After I was in my room, the doctor came to talk to me. They asked me to determine my pain level, which was at a 5 or 6. I took another nitroglycerin tablet, and the nurse gave me a shot of morphine. That was the first time in 12 or 18 hours that I had relief from the pain of angina.

Waiting for Relief

Cath Lab

From that point on, the worst thing that I endured during my life event was waiting for something to be done to remedy the problem. Next, I went to the Cath lab, where an angiogram was performed to determine if I was eligible for a stent in my heart. The doctor decided that he could not insert a stent and that the damage to my heart was irreversible. The doctor informed me that after the section of the artery and heart wall that was affected finished dying, the angina pain would go away.

I was taken to my room in the cardiac wing and was allowed to eat for the first time in nearly 24 hours. The food was very welcome. The medical team continued to monitor my health, and after a time they allowed me to go to sleep for some much-needed rest.

The End of my Life Event

The next day doctor Pulsifer came to evaluate my condition and decided that I could go home that morning. I arrived home around 11:30 AM, and I was very grateful to be back home and out of the hospital.

During my stay at the hospital, my cell phone battery was deficient, so I missed several calls from friends and neighbors and my brother. I made connections with those people that I needed to talk to, and from that point on, I rested and watched TV and eventually went to bed for a 12-hour sleep.


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