middle of the night

It’s the middle of the night again, and I am awake writing another post. Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to get my website to be exactly the way I want it. After I have achieved that goal, I install another plugin or something that sounds like it will be suitable for my website, and everything goes crazy again. Very depressing.

Depression at nighttime

That’s not the reason I want to write this post. It’s not even November, and I’m already starting to go into my annual depression cycle. It’s October that is way too soon for me to go into my depression cycle. The cycle usually starts in late November. I just got through coming out of my depression cycle a few weeks ago, yet I know it was several months ago. Why do I always realize these kinds of things in the middle of the night


I’ve got myself in monetary trouble again. It’s the 4th of October, And I’ve already spent all of my money for the month. It has gone back to just the way it was before I started working for McDonald’s. There is enough money to live on and nothing more. I owe my brother $400.00. I keep trying to pay him back; it will be very difficult.


I found out yesterday that I no longer have car insurance. Everything was set up to be taken care of automatically then one of the automatic payments was declined. After that, the system removed me from automatic pay and did not collect my monthly payments; Therefore, I was two months behind, then they canceled my account. That means I am can no longer drive. I rarely drive anymore, anyway. I don’t drive to work every day. The only thing I need to drive for is to pick up groceries and to go to the doctor.


It hasn’t been long since I didn’t have transportation. I lived a little closer to the grocery store so I could use my bicycle to get around along with the bus system. I will have to get back into that routine. Taking the bus and using my bicycle to get around.

It looks like this post will be rather challenging to correct; There are a lot of words here, but not all of them are the words I said.

Ah, I have green lights all around so I can publish this post.


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