What’s going on in America? Is civil war around the next bend in the road? Why do democrats want to turn the USA into a communist-socialist country? Why do the republicans not enforce the law and arrest the criminals in congress? Will we the people see justice and arrests of unlawful politicians? Many questions I would like answered.

I see lawlessness in the federal government. Washington, DC, is full of criminals breaking the law. Members of Congress and members of the house of representatives openly violate their rules.

There is political madness around every corner. Because the hunger for control and power is a disease, many in our federal government have become infected. This hunger for power has become clear by the different events that occur in our nation: mass shootings, raging wildfires, and increasing homelessness.

So I ask again, what’s going on in America? There is a great evil gaining power in America. The Mueller Report is an example of great evil. To what end was it created? Endless investigations into our President and his family. Because of corruption, the nation’s business is not getting done.

What happened to the simpler times? I don’t remember current events being so complicated when I was younger. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention in those days.

Previously published on August 10, 2019


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