I’m concerned about all the violence I watch on TV news. Groups like Antifa singling out people and beating them for no other reason than they are old and white. And the disrespect for the police when they try to keep order in the nation’s cities. Young people show no respect for other people. There was a news article on television that showed a young lady spray painting the face of a young man.

Why do so many people in our nation prefer to be socialist-communist rather than industrialist capitalists?  It makes little sense to me that people prefer living in 3rd world type cities. For example, San Francisco and Los Angeles. People living on the streets because they can no longer afford to pay rent. The cost of living in many cities across our nation is exceeding income. I know I have trouble paying bills from time to time. The only thing I can do to ease pressure is to reduce my expenses.

Getting back to gun violence mass murders and school shootings. I’m concerned and I don’t understand why there is so much hatred in our society. Why has being Caucasian or white-skinned become unacceptable these days? Sometimes I feel like I must be very careful about what I say to people. What my opinions are because I’m white and pro-national.

When I worked at McDonald’s, I got concerned because people with brown skin intimidated me while I was working. They were trying to intimidate me because I’m old and white. The intimidation I am referring to is one reason I no longer work for McDonald’s. I guess you could call it reverse discrimination. But there will probably not be any recourse for those kinds of actions.


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