Marie-Yovanovitch-President of the United States
President Trump

I watched the President of the United States impeachment trial with Marie Yovanovitch on C-SPAN for most of the day. I missed the very first part, where Adam Schiff speaks. Today’s hearing was not very impressive. No new evidence presented that proved President Trump violated the law.

Marie Yovanovitch

Marie-Yovanovitch-President of the United States
Marie Yovanovitch

Today’s witness was the former ambassador to the Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch. Rep Chris Stewart asked Marie point-blank if she had seen wrongdoing by the President. There were two direct questions I don’t remember what they were at present. I will look them up, but she replied no to both questions.

I found the questions I was looking for.

“Do you have any information regarding the president of the United States accepting any bribes?” Marie Yovanovitch, “No”.
“Any Information regarding any criminal activity that the President of the United States has been involved with at all”. Marie Yovanovitch, “No.”

Some of my thoughts

I think this Democratic inquiry into the President of the United States is very much a show trial. Today’s testimony was not inspiring to me at all; After watching Marie Yovanovitch’s hearing for a while, I switched over to Netflix to watch some of my favorite programs. Eventually, I got back into watching the interview on the C-SPAN channel near the end of the trial.

I see very little that has anything to do with impeachment. I see questions asked about how you feel about this and how you feel about that. But nothing that points to criminal activity by President Trump that warrants so much time and money by our government.

Why is Marie Yovanovitch’s removal from her ambassadorship in Ukraine pertinent to the impeachment hearings?

I think president trump made a grave mistake when he tweeted unflattering comments about ambassador Marie Yovanovitch’s history. President Trump keeps giving the Democrats presents when he tweets before thinking.

Next week will provide more compelling evidence on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday because more people are to be interviewed.

I will make more statements about these speeches as they happen. My opinion about the impeachment results may change as time goes by.


I wonder if there is a whistleblower. As more and more news about the impeachment becomes available, the only thing real about the whistleblower is that he exists in Adam Schiff’s imagination. If the whistleblower is a real person, why then doesn’t Mister Schiff bring him forward? Question him about the facts of his complaint. Running an impeachment hearing, with no direct evidence, seems to me to be a little evil. Some newscasters report that we would never allow the hearsay testimony we hear in the impeachment hearings in a court of law. Some hearsay evidence is admissible under the right conditions. They should not permit hearsay in an impeachment hearing.

There should be tangible, provable evidence provided for impeachment proceedings to go forth. I don’t know a lot about impeachment law. But I know it is an entirely political and not a legal event. The impeachment hearing has been going on since the day President Trump occupied the Oval office. The Democrats and their compatriots in the mainstream media have never stopped harassing President Trump. Democrats continue with endless investigations and hearings into President Trump.

Roger Stone

Marie-Yovanovitch-President of the United States
Roger Stone

I understand that Roger Stone is guilty of all seven counts of lying to the Senate. Why is it that only Republicans are found guilty of lying to Congress? Then sentenced to prison. They do not refer democrats that do the same thing to a trial. I believe there is a glaring inequality in the rule of law governing the members of our elected leaders. The continuous investigations waste so much time. The House of Representatives and the Senate are not doing the work necessary to govern this country. Nancy Pelosi will not bring these things forward because she does not want Trump to have any successes.

I am looking forward to the hearings next week. I am excited to hear from these other witnesses. It will interest me to see if they bring real evidence into the impeachment of the President of the United States.


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