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I spent many hours working on my website over the past 2 weeks. Just the other day, I started sampling new and different themes as part of my website business. My favorite theme is still Hestia. But I can’t do all the customizations that I would like to do unless I pay for the pro version. The pro version would cost around $70.00. If I bought that it would lock me into using that theme for the duration. I would like the opportunity to take a test drive with the pro version. To discover if it will allow me to do the things I want to do for my website theme.


Testing new themes has slowed down my website significantly. My page speed previously was running above 90. Now my page speed is in the low 80s. I need to work on increasing my page speed load time.


Recently, I wrote 3 posts about the trump impeachment saga. In my other posts, I talked about the futility of trying to interpret all things that happened during the hearings. We can find the impeachment posts on other blog pages.

I am looking forward to the day the house will vote on continuing to pursue formal speeches in the Senate. Senate hearings will be very interesting. Seeing Adam Schiff being cross-examined by Jim Jordan will be excellent TV. Listening to Hunter Biden explains that the purpose behind his being hired by Burisma Holdings will also be excellent TV.

Adam Schiff

Website Business
Adam Schiff

Mister Adam Schiff is the world’s most prolific liar. He can stand at his pulpit and tell bald-faced lies to the Senate and the House of Representatives. It will involve President Trump in the Senate trial for his impeachment. Ending the Democrat witch hunt will reward the American people. The release of the FISA investigation will be very damning to many Democratic members of the house.

Impeachment doesn’t have a place in ‘website business’. The subject keeps finding its way into my thoughts.


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