Christmas holiday

Christmas time is once again upon us. Thanksgiving was just a few days ago maybe a week, and here we are looking forward to the Christmas season. I have never admitted that I enjoy the holiday season. In fact, this time of year is depressing to me. A case in point, all my hospital visits and surgeries took place in October November and December.

I don’t look forward to the Christmas season, the Christmas season was destroyed for me many years ago. Part of the reason that I dislike the Christmas season is that people feel obligated to take part in festivities and parties that they otherwise would not have any interest in.


This year’s Thanksgiving dinner was a pleasant experience for me. The food was good the conversation was enjoyable. I didn’t encounter any embarrassing situations. Everything went very well. There was only one problem, there were no mashed potatoes. I cannot believe that someone would host Thanksgiving dinner and not make mashed potatoes, unheard of.

My Health

I feel very blessed to be as healthy as I am even though I have coronary artery disease, peripheral artery disease, and I’m told diabetes. Doctors tell me I’m morbidly obese. Being overweight I’ll admit to but I don’t think I’m morbidly obese. I see many people that are much larger than I am that I would call morbidly obese.

I am no longer working, so I spend most of my day watching television trying to keep up with the three-ring circus that the federal government is providing. Some days are fun to watch, it’s entertaining; other times it is just boring. They should spend the time working on legislation and things that make the country better and give the citizens of the United States more and better lifestyles.

That’s all for now about the Christmas holiday season. I think I will edit this diatribe and post it on my website. This is more of a log entry then a news article as I’ve said before I do not dedicate this website to any genre other than a place for me to produce some of my thoughts. Thanks for reading.


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