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Sunday morning thoughts

Do you have days when you just don’t feel well? Today is one of those days for me. I woke up early and determined I should stay awake. The only problem with that is I sit in my chair and doze for the rest of the day. Today should be a good day because it’s Sunday. Inspector General Horowitz will release the IG Report in a few days. I’m not sure what my thoughts will be about the report.

On Monday tomorrow, the impeachment hearings will continue. I am looking forward to the time when those hearings will be complete and they will move the impeachment to the Senate for a trial that includes legal precedents. It would interest me to have Adam Schiff be one witness.


The more Democrats subpoenaed to testify, the more interesting the trial will be for those that take the time to watch it. Nancy Pelosi was on TV the other day and she is looking ancient and seems to take on the appearance of the demon that inhabits her soul. I don’t know if the statements made on the Qboard are true. They talk about the Democrats being Satanist and pedophiles. I believe that is a possibility, but I will never know the truth.

Life after death

IG Report thoughts

I was thinking of life after death or the possibility of life after death. If what my religion teaches is true, all people will stand at the judgment bar of God. That being the case, I wouldn’t want to be Adam Schiff or Nancy Pelosi or any other of those that are corrupt and lying to the people of the United States of America. Those people may have millions or even billions of dollars on this earth, but their wealth will do them no good in the life that comes after this one.


IG Report thoughts

For myself, I have many sins to account for but nothing on the scale of our political leaders. I believe it will disappoint them with the outcome of the judgment placed upon them. If they are worshiping Satan in this life, they will undoubtedly be condemned to his Kingdom in the next world. They (God) will judge all according to their deeds.

This post is not what I intended to write today, but this topic is on my mind and what came out of my mouth.  These are just my thoughts and are not intended to be construed as a judgment of those mentioned in this post. Thanks for reading.

IG Report

Today is Monday, the day they release the IG report to the public. I haven’t turned on the news channels yet today, so I don’t know if they have released the report. I hope they have released it; we have been waiting for it for two years now. Being told that they will release it in the next couple of weeks. If they do not release it today, then I believe that we are just being led on about the IG report.

Mock Impeachment

IG Report v

Today is another day for the mock impeachment trial. I haven’t tuned into that yet either as I have done heretofore; waiting until the news channels digested and spit out the relevant parts. I am looking forward to the day that the hearing moves into the Senate and becomes a trial with witnesses and cross-examination of those witnesses.

How I Feel

Today I am feeling better than I did yesterday, not 100% but better. I slept well last night longer than normal. The mornings are the best time day for me. I stay up too late at night sometimes until 2:00 or 3:00 o’clock in the morning. Not the best habit to keep because I still wake up early in the morning. Sometimes I think not getting enough sleep makes me groggy and grumpy throughout the rest of the day.

My Thoughts

I will keep this post short, so I don’t have to include headers between my paragraphs. In the past couple of days, I have been writing posts for my website. In an earlier post, I wrote that I have all the tools that I need, which leaves me with the only choice of creating new posts. I still find posts I have written in the past that need correction. It takes time to get everything corrected. I think that’s all for now, thanks for reading.

More about the IG Report

A correction about the IG report. They have released it. Now we wait to see if there will be any arrests and convictions of the FBI that started the Russia Probe and consequently their Trump Impeachment.

Just Some of My Thoughts – Good afternoon I’m not sure what I will write about this afternoon I haven’t been paying much attention to the news. The impeachment hearing is still going on. I will wait until later in the day to investigate the events from today’s hearing.

Today has been one of those days where I have been lazy. I have got nothing done and I don’t intend to. Yesterday, I had a shower and got dressed and went to the store for some supplies. Not very exciting. I need to do some exercise using the machines downstairs in the exercise room.

Thoughts about exercise

IG Report thoughts

I’m not excited about doing exercise, I have never gotten along with exercise. Exercise is boring. That’s what they designed it to be. I know there are others in our society that enjoy exercise and get some kind of high from pushing their bodies to the limit. I have experienced no pleasure from exercise.

Trump Impeachment – Just Some of My Thoughts

The last I heard all the Trump impeachment was back-and-forth arguments between the Democrat and the Republicans. There is nothing new to watch during those types of exchanges. Neither party will change the other’s mind about President Trump. There are still those in our society that do not understand what is going on in Washington DC. It might be to their advantage to not pay attention, less aggravation that way.

SEO optimization

I was just thinking about SEO optimization and the Yost program that I purchased. I have been working to conform to all the rules to pass the SEO program, so I will submit this post without including a keyword. Just to have my words on my website may sometimes be enough. The keywords I am optimizing my website for are not showing up on Google search. So I can’t see any point in continuing to optimize for the Google search console.

These are just Just Some of My Thoughts for today.


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