Three Ring Christmas Circus

Three Ring Christmas Circus

I was having a hard time thinking of a topic for this post. I finally came upon a thought about the show that Washington is putting on for the citizens of the United States. While thinking about this show, I came up with a name for the performance, the Three Ring Christmas Circus. That’s what we have going on in Washington, a Three Ring Christmas Circus. We have this circus about President Trump’s impeachment. And the circus about the far left wanting to turn this country into a communist country. We have the Democrats that continually lie and present falsehoods to the American people.


Nancy Pelosi has not moved the impeachment documents to the Senate for trial. She is holding on to them, at least until the Christmas holiday is over. I suspect that the Three Ring Christmas Circus will continue in the new year. The Senate may not wait for Nancy Pelosi to present the articles of impeachment papers to them. They may just hold the trial on their own and demand through the courts they submit the documents. That would be an interesting part of the circus. In fact, I’m looking forward to seeing what will happen.

Somehow, I keep going back to the impeachment of President Trump. The government of the United States has run amok. The Democrats have no interest other than turning the United States into a communist nation. The end game is to have the elite governing the people and having the people only to supply the needs of the elite. Something like the movie Hunger Games.

Life & Art

Does life imitate art or does art express life? Many times, I see movies and afterwards similar things seem to happen in the real world. Are some movies a prediction of what will happen? Reality is liquid sometimes things are not what they seem to be. As I grow older and wiser, I can look back at events in my life and see a pattern. The pattern I see is not the same as the pattern that I would like to see.

Control & Temptation

The individual cannot control all events in a person’s life. Others control some or many of the events in a person’s life through their own choices. When I look back over my life, I see instances where this has happened to me many times. Life has been good to me I have had many opportunities to learn and change for the better. I have also had many opportunities to be corrupted by other individuals.

I’ll not go into that aspect of my life but I am understanding the temptations that have been presented to me. Fortunately, I have chosen good over evil in most instances. Because of my choices I am not rich I have a little money, and I have all the things I need.

Three Ring Christmas Circus

It’s Christmas time again in just five days I believe and then it will be New Year’s and another decade will begin. 2020 will be a very interesting time for people in the United States. The Three Ring Christmas Circus may continue and many changes are on the horizon. Thanks for reading goodbye.


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