Ants and the New Year

I thought I would write a short message to my subscribers to welcome you to this New Year, this new Decade, 2020.  For me the year started with an ant invasion. I have nothing against ants other than they should stay outside. But they have come inside which I dislike. I live on the second floor, so they must take quite a journey to get into my apartment. They come up from outside somewhere to the second floor just for a bit of crumbs or food that I might have in my cupboard.

The Ant Takeover

For three days I have been cleaning my cupboards and countertops, my oven and stove and every other place that I have seen ants congregating. The ants have had quite a party in my apartment. When I get one area cleaned up, the next time I check, they have moved on to a new area. It started with a line of ants going to the counter in my bathroom. After I cleaned the bathroom, the ants moved to the kitchen counter eating bacon grease. I got that cleaned, and they moved to the stove and found all kinds of tidbits to eat. After I cleaned the stove and oven, the ants moved to the exhaust fan above my stove. So I cleaned the oven hood, where else could they go?

From Message to Post

This message will most likely become a post on my website. I will continue writing it as a newsletter and sending it out as a newsletter but only as a test. If I ever get people to read my blog or to subscribe to my newsletter that would be great, it would then be fun to develop an online relationship with my readers. To know if anyone is reading my blog. 


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Scott · January 7, 2020 at 10:17 pm

I thought I would write an update about the ant infestation; the ants are still here but there are beginning to be less of them. They have continued to find new sources of food and I have let them have it. I put the ant bait packages around different places in my kitchen and discovered that the ants are going into the bait traps and getting the poisoned food to take back to the nest. Hopefully, this will pay off in the long run. Having all my food in the refrigerator is not entirely convenient. And I am running out of sealed containers to put open packages of cookies, etc.

Scott · January 5, 2020 at 11:05 pm

It’s been two days since I had the invasion of the ants. This is just a short update about what is going on with the ant invasion. The ants are still here however there are not as many of them as there were. I think the ant bait is helping and the fact that I have cleaned all my cupboards and counter-tops.

I must keep everything in the refrigerator or the freezer. The ants get into any open food packages. They got into my cereal and potato chips and saltshaker almost anything you can imagine that ants eat they were eating it. When I use the stove to cook or fry something, I must be sure to clean everything. That includes the burners the reflecting trays all surfaces on the range top. If there is the smallest speck of grease, the ants are there to eat it. Very frustrating. I hope that the apartment manager will get the exterminator here quickly to use more powerful insecticides.

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