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When I was a younger and attending junior high school, they asked me to take on a project that would last the entire school year. During that time, the United States was in a Cold War with the USSR or the United Socialist Soviet Republic. Russia, as we call it now, is a socialist country, or at least it was a socialist country. The report that I was creating was mostly the current events that were happening. I did not read all the newspaper clippings about the USSR but the general drift I got was that Russia was a bad place and that the people living there were very oppressed and poor. The ruling elite had all the money and power. The citizens worked to support the ruling elite. 



During that period, the political attitude of people in Hollywood, the actors and actresses, would blackball any of their associates connected with Russia, communism, and socialism. Being blackballed meant that they were unlikely to act in any movies. There was a strong dislike for communism from all those associated with the movie industry. Unlike today where the people of Hollywood are pro socialism and communism. Many of the Hollywood elite want to support the socialist cabal in the United States. I believe we found those that hate President Trump hate him because of his goal of removing corruption from the government. As I understand, corruption in government means that politicians have organized situations, so we give aid to other countries. The aid then funnels into the bank accounts of those corrupt politicians. 

Evil – socialism

Evil – Socialism

Without acknowledging it, the corrupt politicians prefer to incite war in foreign countries, which enables them to gain more money from the federal government. The corrupt government officials do not want to lose their power of control, which they gain through ill-gotten wealth. There are many theories about the cabal and the 13 families that run the world. Satan governs the cabal, part of his effort to destroy this earth and God’s will, and to make slaves of His children.

Glenn TV

I have included a video created by Glenn Beck that he featured on his website. I rarely follow Glenn Beck, but from time to time his comments and beliefs coincide with mine.

Source – Socialism: A warning from the dead …
Glenn TV Live Special Event

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