Phone conversation

Two weeks ago, I was on the telephone with my brother. As the conversation went, he asked me what I did with all of my time. Basically, I told him I just watched television. But I spent a good deal of my time working on my website. I consider my website to be my hobby. Sometimes it takes an entire day for me to write one post that I want to publish. First, I create the words by dictating them into Microsoft Word. After I am through with the dictation, I have to run what I’ve written through a spell checker. The tool I use is ProWritingAid. It does a good job of showing me most of the mistakes I have made when writing my text. 

Editing text

After I have my text corrected and everything is as the pro writing tool says it should be I copy the text and paste it into a new post in WordPress. In the WordPress post, I have a tool called Yoast SEO. This tool helps me get my post ready for search engines in particular for Google search. Sometimes I have very little editing to do to get green lights on Yost. But other times I have to make a lot of changes to get it cleared and get green bullets using Yoast. 

After I have finished correcting to satisfy the Yoast program, I publish my text to my blog. After I publish it I go to the page and read it and often during my editing, some lines make little sense. Then I have to rewrite those sentences so that the paragraph will make sense to the reader. After this final editing step, I republished the post and let it go as it stands. After I have posted it, I let it stand for two days. Then I go back and reread the post to see if what I write is still accurate. If it is not I re-correct it, if it is good I just let it go. 

My Comments

Sometimes when I write a post, it can take me the entire day to get it just the way I would like it to be. Sometimes it passes all the tests without having to do any editing, and I attribute this to practice. I guess this will be it for this post. Perhaps this post is not named correctly. There is very little about my phone conversation. Thanks for reading comment below if you think of anything to say about this post. 


Hello. I was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. I lived for a few months in Southern California. I now live in Saint George, Utah. For more information about me, click on My History or About Me in the menu.