Invasion – I need an exterminator.

Ant Invasion

A few days ago, I wrote a post about my insect invasion (ants). The ant invasion was very inconvenient. The ants got into most of the food in my cupboard; like sugar, cereal, potato chips, anything not in a sealed container. I reported the ants to the building management on January 3rd. Building management people quickly responded, but they were unequipped to deal with this kind of insect invasion. The ants in my apartment ignored the ant bait they provided and kept searching for a new source of food. What I needed was an exterminator.


January 5, 2020, I posted a comment on my original ant post. It reads: It’s been two days since I had the invasion of the ants. This is just a short update about what is going on with the ant invasion. The ants are still here however there are not as many of them as there were. I think the ant bait is helping and the fact that I have cleaned all my cupboards and countertops.

I must keep everything in the refrigerator or the freezer. The ants get into any open food packages. They got into my cereal and potato chips and saltshaker almost anything you can imagine that ants eat they were eating it. When I use the stove to cook or fry something, I must be sure to clean everything. That includes the burners the reflecting trays all surfaces on the range top. If there is the smallest speck of grease, the ants are there to eat it. Very frustrating. I hope that the apartment manager will get the exterminator here quickly to use more powerful insecticides.

New Post

On January 8th, I wrote another post about the ant invasion, titled more ants. It explained the mistake I had made assuming that the ants were going away. The ant’s just found a new way to look for their food that I was unaware of. The building maintenance man again came to bring additional ant killing products, but I rejected his help. What I needed was an exterminator that had the proper insecticides that would kill the ants and the Queen in the ant nest.


After the exterminator treatment, there were visibly fewer ants and eventually I stopped seeing them at all. The exterminator told me I should check again on Monday. Then, if I saw ants again, he would like to come back to apply another treatment of ant bate. I had only noticed a few ants in one of my cupboards. But after a more thorough investigation, I discovered that the ants were in several of my cupboards again. I don’t know what they found to eat but apparently what they found excited them. They were again building a two-lane freeway from my cupboard to their nest and back.

It is now Friday January 17th, and I have seen no ants for two days. I hope seeing no ants is a good sign, and we have eliminated the problem. I have been living with the ant problem for about 13 days.

The food is back in the cupboards where I originally kept it. The test of success or failure in removing the ants will be a test of time.

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