A Mistake

Yesterday, I wrote a comment on my post titled ants. In that comment, I explained that the ant problem was going away. I was seeing fewer and fewer ants in my kitchen area. That statement was incorrect.

Another ant path

Late last night, I discovered that the ants had taken another path to find their food source. They were still going along the ceiling, but now they were going along the ceiling and down the wall by my refrigerator. Then, onto the baseboard in my living room. They traveled about 3/4 of the way around my living room. The ants moved into my living area, maybe to start a nest or find some plant food.

The ants were going in both directions. From the houseplant back to wherever it is they originated from. It was time to take some affirmative action. I had some insecticide in my car I used to kill black widows. I brought that up to my apartment and sprayed the ant path. That killed hundreds of the insects and now I have a big mess to clean up again. The spray I used was greasy, it left an oily film, at some point I will need to clean that up. The maintenance man came and brought some heavier duty insect bait that we spread around different areas of my apartment. Now, I must wait a few days to see if the remaining ants die or go away. Then the cleanup begins.


I dislike using insecticides in the house because there’s a chance that they could make my cat sick. So far, she has avoided the sprayed areas and hopefully she will also avoid the insect bait placed in corners and empty spaces. One test I can use to see if the ants have gone away is to leave an open bag of potato chips in one of my cupboards and see if the chips become infested again. I will wait until the bag is almost empty. I don’t enjoy wasting potato chips on ants.

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