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Major Repeat

For the past few days, I have been watching parts of the impeachment trial. Yesterday was the Democrats’ first day to present their case to the Senate. Of the parts I watched, it appeared to me that the Democrats are just repeating everything that they presented in the house investigation. In the house investigation, I saw nothing that appeared to resemble a high crime or misdemeanor, or anything that was breaking the law.

Democratic campaign

The Democrats seem to be on a campaign merely design to take up time. They have no real evidence have any crimes they say president trump broke laws. They merely rehashed again and again everything they have said before. I don’t know how many of their 24 hours they have used, but I think it is at least 12 hours. That is something that I should out today.

Liberal Bastions

Superior Court justice John Roberts admonished both sides of the house to behave properly without calling their opponents names or branding them as traitors. I find it very interesting that the impeachment managers involved are basically from California and New York. Those cities are the liberal bastions of the United States. The Democrats are trying to set a precedent for the easy removal of any president they don’t agree with or like.


After watching most of the first day proceedings in the Senate. The amendments presented by Mister Schumer were very repetitive. I also thought the time spent debating the amendment was a colossal waste of time. The Senate passed none of his amendments. Everything voted on that day followed political lines.

Trumps Turn

I am looking forward to the days that President Trump’s lawyers and counsel present their opening statements. It will be the first time in the entire procedure that president trump will counter his accusers.


They have broached their desire for witnesses several times to no avail. Personally, I would like to see witnesses and hear what they have to say as long as there are equal witnesses given to each side. I realize that having witnesses may turn around and bite the politicians in the a**. The second day of the Democratic opening statement will begin in 2 hours from now mountain Standard Time.

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