Democrats want to:

Once again, I have been following the impeachment trial on C-SPAN. Today is the first day of cross-examination. The questions asked are in writing and the answers given are verbal. Watching the trial would be the highlight of my morning and afternoon activities. But after watching two hours this morning, I got extremely bored and confused. I had a hard time distinguishing who was asking what question of whom and who they directed the answer to and about. I became confused, even though I found the answers to be interesting.

Morning Activities

perry-mason activities
My Morning Program

The original intent of this post is to give an outline of my weekday morning activities. My normal morning activities would include having my morning beverage, viewing an episode of Perry Mason, and feeding my cat Star her wet cat food. Some mornings after waking up I realize I have not rested well during the night. I doze in front of the television. I don’t mind dozing in front of the television; but I wish I could do my dozing while I’m in bed and asleep.

Sleeping Problems

Blue Light

I can attribute some of my sleeping problems to staying up late watching television or working on my computer. There are many articles and You Tube posts that say it is best to not interact with electronic devices for an hour or more before going to bed. Often, I don’t go to bed until 2:00 AM. I wake up at 4:00 or 5:00 AM not being rested and I have a difficult time going back to sleep. Some mornings I take another sleeping pill and return to bed only to get two or three more hours sleep.

Last Thoughts – Morning Activities

Again, I find the post I have written is not what I intended to write when I started this morning. Perhaps it is best to just write what I feel and determine the title after I have completed composing my text. In other blog posts I have read on other websites, it states the best way to write a post is to tell your readers about yourself. Most times, I believe that is what I have done on this website and in many of my previous blog posts.

Thanks for taking the time to read about my morning activities. Please leave a comment below.


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