Continued harassment

Will the Democrats stop harassing President Trump? From what I’ve seen on the different news channels, the impression I get is no they will not stop harassing President Trump. They will question and investigate every decision or choice he makes that does not benefit the Democratic Party. Even now, Jerry Nadler has investigated trump on some other spurious charge. It’s very difficult for the public to keep up with all the harassment that is going on in Washington DC.

Good News

There was some good news on one of the news channels I watch. President Trump has fired 70 people from the National Security Council. The people fired from the White House were fired or sent back to the committee or office that they originally worked at. The Obama holdovers have fought trump since his inauguration as President of the United States. Some news outlets show that they were left in place so they could monitor their communications and actions for future disciplinary action.


The White House National Security Council is sharply downsizing ‘in a bid to improve efficiency’ by consolidating positions and cutting staff, according to the Washington Times–which adds that a secondary, unspoken objective (i.e. the entire reason) for the cuts is to address nonstop leaks that have plagued the Trump administration for nearly three years.

Real Conservatives Unite


It is encouraging when I see action happening in our government. People need to be held accountable for their actions and misdeeds. We should also hold those with political power that oppose President Trump accountable for their illegal activities. Will individuals like Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff see any prison time?

Harassing Democrats

‘How much are you worth, Nancy?’ Pelosi heckled at Democrat anti-tax-cut town hall-Harassing
‘How much are you worth, Nancy?’ Pelosi heckled at Democrat anti-tax-cut town hall

The public is already heckling some Democratic politician. There was a clip on TV showing Jerry Nadler giving a speech in New York City, and there were hecklers in the crowd. I found it amusing to watch. A news clip showed some school children were heckling Nancy Pelosi when she was visiting them in their classroom.

The trump impeachment allowed the Democrats to expose themselves in their criminal activity. They volunteered the information while they were accusing President Trump of all the things that they themselves had done.

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