Democrat Attack

Have we seen the last of the Democrats trying to remove President Trump from office? I watched bits and pieces of the house and the Senate versions of the trial. One thing that jumped out at me is the very repetitive statements made by the Democrats. Their rhetoric did not change from one setting to the other. I wonder if their repetitive strategy was to convince the public that what they were saying was true. There is a rumor I’ve heard that says if you tell people a lie often enough eventually, they will believe the lie.


The Senate trial was even more boring than the house impeachment. In the previous paragraph, it was just a repetition of what they said in the house. I did not watch the voting part of the Senate trial. We have known from the beginning that the impeachment of President Trump would fail.

Continued Attacks

The Democrats will most likely continue their attack on the presidency because they are afraid of what will come. The Democratic impeachment of President Trump insured his win in 2020. I am looking forward to the time when those responsible for the witch hunt and impeachment will be put on trial for treason and sedition.

Replace Democrats

The people of the United States of America need to vote in the next election. And where possible replace their representative with Republican Conservatives. The planned ruination of America needs to end. We see protests in other nations as they divorced themselves from the ruling class cabal. The French people have been protesting for over a year now. Anne England finally divorced their country from the cabal and the European Union.

Remove Nancy Pelosi

State of the Union

The leader of the house, Nancy Pelosi, showed her contempt for America and President Trump when she tore up the papers at the state of the union. What a disgusting display from an elected official. I believe that Miss Pelosi is one of the most corrupt politicians in Washington DC. She has made her contempt of The American people by the devastation she has allowed to happen in her district of San Francisco. I believe that the socialist Democrats want all American cities to be like Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Remove Mitt Romney

It is my opinion that Senator Romney will be removed from the office. The people of Utah are looking for a way to remove Mr. Romney. Mr. Romney has shown his contempt for the people of Utah by his vote to convict president trump during the impeachment trial. He does not represent the views of the people in Utah. He is a Republican in name only (RINO).

As always, I would like comments on my post. How do you feel about Trump impeachment?


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