The other day, I wrote a post about how I had messed up my website again. What I was trying to do was incorporate CloudFlare into my website hosting. I had tried to incorporate CloudFlare three or four times, and I could never get it to work. Because of frustration at one point, I canceled my membership in CloudFlare.

Finding the CloudFlare Error

After the post I wrote the other day, I gave it one more try. I looked up the instructions provided by Cloudflare and followed them one by one until the setup was complete. Once again, my website went offline because there were too many redirects. But I didn’t give up. Eventually I searched in Cloudflare on the error that I was receiving.

There were many reasons for that error, but none of them seemed to pertain to my situation. I continued to research until I found the solution to my problem. The solution was simple to enact. I merely had to change my SSL certificate from the FLEIXBLE setting to the FULL setting. As soon as I did that, the website came back online.


CloudFlare provides many services that enhance the back end of my website. I shouldn’t say the back end, I should say the operation and analytics of my website and directing website traffic through my SSL certificate for security and my CDN for increased page loading speed.

It may be important to note that I had been trying to get my website to operate through Cloudflare since the time I transferred my hosting from GoDaddy to EasyWP. At one point I thought I had completed this task, but then discovered that the website traffic was not going through Cloudflare or through my CDN.

Page speed

The next step was to increase my page speed. There are several plugins that profess to do the tasks required to increase page speed, but they don’t quite make the grade. I believe I have three plugins running to increase page speed, and I finally got the results I was looking for.

All is well with my website at this point in time. What I need to do next is figure out what subject I want to write about and create some informative easy-to-read blog posts. Thank you for reading, and if you feel inclined, please leave a comment.


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