Engineered Virus – create repeat customers

Once again, it has been several weeks since I posted anything on my blog. The Last Post was about the coronavirus. It is my opinion that the cabal (The New World Order) engineered the coronavirus as part of their effort to depopulate the earth. They were not as successful as they had hoped to be. This thought brings me to the pharmaceutical industry in the United States. It is my belief the pharmaceutical companies have created cures for many of the diseases that afflict humanity. But they do not market them because a cure does not create repeat customers. As with most products created in America, the goal is to create repeat customers. That is part of the American way, that is capitalism.

American Shutdown

This post may contain several topics, but the primary topic I would like to talk about now is the shutdown of America. As everyone knows, they shut down quickly resulted from the coronavirus. It led our leaders to believe that the coronavirus was the deadliest virus on the face of the earth. But after several weeks they discovered the coronavirus may be more contagious and so somewhat more deadly than the regular flu. The number of deaths is over 100,000 which is a lot but as I understand it is less than the seasonal flu.

American Cities

As I watch the destruction of some of America’s beautiful cities, I cannot help but think about the cities that are being looted and vandalized in blue states. Being run by Democrats who have no interest in the destruction that is going on around them. I believe that those Democratic politicians are rejoicing in the destruction of their cities. One goal of the 16-year plan to destroy America

  • is to reduce the cities to the state found in third world countries.

I do not understand why white people are so hated in this generation. I have no animus toward any people I have met that are not like me. The only time I feel like I may be a racist is when someone with a distinct skin color gives me attitude about being white and having white privilege. On a dollar for dollar income. Most colored people in the area where I live have a larger income than I do. I am part of the group of people that live below the poverty level.


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