Minneapolis protesters

Minneapolis protesters. I was recently scanning videos on YouTube, I ran a crossed one named “Two Months After the Riots in Minneapolis”. After watching the video, I felt frightened and depressed. I find it difficult to believe that the governments of states and cities would allow this kind of thing to happen.

Minneapolis, peaceful protesters

There have been many peaceful protests across our nation. The protests in Democratic run cities have nothing to do with being peaceful. It is my opinion that the devastation left by the rioters and the protesters is exactly what the Democratic Socialist Communist Party desires; for all cities in the United States.


Democrat Energy Policies on Display
in California, Rolling Blackouts

I am grateful that I do not live in the state of California. California can no longer pay its bills. California is running out of electricity. They have blackouts several times a day throughout their state. The wealthy residents and big business conglomerates are leaving California in mass. The more people that leave California, the further they will fall into debt.

Getting back to Minneapolis protesters, I will include or rather embed the YouTube video that I watched into this post. I found it very depressing. As more and more cities and states remove the police and empty their prisons, the states are becoming more wicked and uninviting.


The coronavirus is merely a tool the Democrats are using to instill fear into the citizens of the United States. I believe the coronavirus is definitely a disease and can definitely make people very ill, but I do not believe that it is the death sentence that’s so many politicians and news personalities would like us to believe. From the alternative news sources that I prefer to watch, the coronavirus is less deadly than the seasonal flu.

I believe there is more going on to the coronavirus and the state of the economy and nation than they have informed us about. I believe there are ulterior motives to the entire situation. It is unfortunate that so many businesses have closed their doors and that so many citizens have lost their jobs and are struggling to survive.


The election In November will decide whether this nation will become communist and run by lucifer or if we will stay a Republic and believe in God as Creator of all things. The Political machine is inherently evil. It allows politicians to stuff their pockets with tax money and to execute their personal agendas. And also subsidize the peaceful Minneapolis protesters.

Enough about evil and taxes and politicians. These are just some of my thoughts about the situation that exists in the United States of America and this day and age of 2020. As I mentioned earlier, there is an embedded video of the destruction and devastation in the city of Minneapolis. I hope you can somehow find time to watch and digest what they portray.

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