Passing Time

Passing time. There have been so many things going on this past year. It is exceedingly difficult to keep up with the latest current events. As most of you know, President Trump did not win the election. President Biden won, but not by being honest, he won by cheating. He hopes to undo all the good things that president trump accomplished in his four years.

For four years we had good things going on in America. Low unemployment, low prices on gasoline, low taxes, and things were going very well for the United states.

Passing time
President Biden

In just a few short months, President Biden has undone most of the work that Trump did in his four years. Prices are going up; They overran the southern border with migrants trying to come to the United states. Unemployment is high, many cities continue to be locked down, and life has not returned to normal. Many of the restaurant and small businesses have closed and declared bankruptcy. Which leaves people without a way to make money to feed their families. All these things are happening because the Democrats and the deep state want to change America into a third world nation.

Passing Time with Covid

The covid pandemic continues to rage on. It has been over a year now that they have locked people down in their homes, unable to perform normal activities. When things lighten up with covid and the numbers go down, there is suddenly a new version of covid and the numbers go back up. So many people must figure out a way of passing time waiting for the end of the pandemic to come. There is a little good news some states have lifted the lock down mandates. They have lifted the requirement to wear masks in a lot of cities. People have decided to not listen to the government when they tell of the dangers related to the pandemic. Over the past months, the states that did not have lockdowns and did not confine citizens to their homes are in much better shape than the states that had complete lockdowns.

My Comments

This post is just some of my thoughts and comments about what has been going on the past year. It is my way of passing time. I’m sure everyone has their own thoughts about the covid pandemic and the presidential election. In some ways it seems like it is just a game, but reality strikes and then you know it is not just a game, that it is real and that the good people must win.

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