May 3, 1950

Another Birthday

I need to get a better picture.

Another year has gone by and I am celebrating my 71st birthday today. I am not really overly excited about turning 71; it is just another year in a long line of years that they have blessed me to pass on this earth.


I expect when a person gets to be my age, not much happens on birthdays. My brother called me from Las Vegas, and we talked for about 20 minutes about birthdays and age and current events.

Current Events

Current events seem to be the most interesting thing that is happening at this age. It has become clear to me and too many other people that the things going on in the world today are just a continuation of the war in heaven pitting good against evil. The people we call the deep state or the illuminati or the 13 families are the ones that are in control of what goes on on this planet. But there has come a showdown between those that want to worship Satan and those that want to worship God.

Good Versus Evil

It is my belief that the general population of the earth are good people that believe in God or a creator. I also believe that those people that are in control that have multi billions of dollars are indeed worshippers of Satan and they hope to depopulate the planet so they can start over again and inhabit the souls of those that remain alive on the planet.

President Trump

It is also my belief God chose President Trump to wake up the people and let them see how much evil may overtake The United states. President trump made some grand inroads into providing a way into goodness and into freedom. The members of the deep state do not want the people to be free, but want to control everything they can do.

My Comments

I can sit back and watch on TV the evidence of the evil that is the driving force of many of the horrendous activities that have taken place over the past four years. It is my opinion that what we are seeing now is just a continuation of the Nazi regime as run by Adolf Hitler. The same activities are happening now that happened during the Nazi era.

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